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Call of Duty Warzone Account Setup Guide

If you are having troubles connecting your Call of Duty Warzone game account to FirstBlood or if scores aren't showing up for you, please follow this guide.

Activision recently changed account settings of all users, which has caused interference with FirstBlood score tracking system.

1. Login to Call of Duty website

After that, go to Account Preferences page on the Call of Duty website or click here.

2. Select "Account Linking"

On the Account preferences page, select "Account Linking" on the left side

3. Change "Searchable" and "Data visible" to "All"

For the linked account you are going to connect to the FirstBlood, make sure you select "All" from dropdowns under "Searchable" and "Data Visible" settings.

4. Wait a few minutes

You are finished, but please wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect and then try to connect your Warzone game account to Firstblood again.

If the issues still persist, please contact our support team on

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