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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Has Arrived

The Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 patch notes are here.

With new content including five new multiplayer maps, five new weapons, and even new quests in Outbreak that lead to a Zombies experience, Season 4 has brought major changes to the battle royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Event

The June 16 update brought an entirely new event called Ground Fall. The limited-time event has players finding and securing the new Sat-Linke stations to triangulate the location of a falling satellite in Verdansk.

Loot the fallen satellites and you’ll score exclusive loot and cash rewards.

The objectives for Ground Fall will reward you with items including Emblems, Calling Cards, a Satellite Weapon Charm, and XP. If you complete all three challenges within Cold War or Warzone, you’ll also receive an Epic Secondary Weapon Blueprint.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Mode

A new mode has arrived in Warzone: Verdansk Resurgence Mini. This is a “bite-sized FPS survival experience,” according to Raven Software’s blog.

Said developers: “In addition to the standard Rebirth Island Resurgence rules — no Gulag, extreme clarity on enemy positions upon elimination of a squad member, a Resurgence timer, and special Supply Boxes — this new playlist features lobby sizes of up to 45 Operators, depending on the squad size. The first circle is ‘skipped,’ games are shorter in length on average, and there is higher tier loot compared to traditional BR.”

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Battle Pass

The Season 4 update introduced a new battle pass to Warzone. Call of Duty Points can be spent to gift Black Ops Cold War content to friends. This includes the Battle Pass and Store Bundles by using the Call of Duty Companion App and website.

The Battle Pass will has 100 tiers of brand new Warzone content. This includes new operator skins, weapons, blueprints, wrist accessories, weapon charms, Call of Duty Points, and even more.

Here are some highlights:

Tier 0 - New operator, Jackal

Tier 5 - "Monochrome" Legendary AK-47 Blueprint

Tier 21 - "Regal Scepter" Legendary Type 63 Blueprint

Tier 40 - “Night Kit” Song Operator Skin

Tier 42 - "Serpent Idol" Legendary Bullfrog Blueprint

Tier 50 - “Boarding Party” Adler Operator Skin

Tier 55 - "Ancient Scarab" Legendary KSP 45 Blueprint

Tier 76 - "Regal Sword" Legendary Mac-10 Blueprint

Tier 81 - "Penumbra Carbon" Legendary AK-74u Blueprint

Tier 85 - “Ancient Spear" Legendary Sniper Rifle Charlie Blueprint

Tier 89 - "Punk Rock" Legendary Hauer 77 Blueprint

Tier 90 - “Lioness” Zeyna Operator Skin

Tier 95 - “High Stakes” Ultra-Rarity MG 82 Blueprint

Tier 100 will bring multiple rewards, including:

“Iridescent” Reactive Jackal Operator Skin

“Forgotten Oasis” Legendary C58 Blueprint

“Takeoff” Dirt Bike Vehicle Skin

Season Four Emblem

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Map

Red Doors have appeared in Verdanks and Downtown Tower is now “under new management.” The new Gulag, Hijacked, is a plywood re-creation of the yacht’s central area. New Satellite Crash POIs have also been added:

Krovnik Farmland

Right in the middle of some poor farmer’s crops is one crashed satellite, its fuselage split into multiple parts amid the field.

Bloc 18

Closer to the once-sleepy village near the Salt Mines lies another downed satellite. Its location leaves it open to Operators parachuting down from the Radar Array.

Bloc 16

Deep within the Gora riverbed near the Airport Control Tower, a more intact satellite sits ready to be explored.

Gora Bridge

Spanning the Gora River between Downtown Fire Station 12 and the Promenade Fairgrounds, this bridge saw a direct impact from the downed satellite, taking a chunk out of its brickwork.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 General Updates

There is now 120hz support for PlayStation 5 players. This requires HDMI 2.1. Developers have also addressed disconnection issues. Downed players who disconnect will now provide kill credit and will drop loot. This includes players who disconnect during a finishing move.