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Dr Disrespect Reacts to CoD Mobile

Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV is not a fan of mobile games, which has gotten him in hot water in the past. But the Two-Time is lightening up after playing Call of Duty Mobile for the first time.

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect decided to try out Call of Duty Mobile. To his followers’ surprise, he actually liked it. He even called it fun, noting that mobile players are “spoiled” thanks to the abundance of new content always added to Call of Duty Mobile.

In fact, Call of Duty Mobile just got a major update thanks to Season 4: Spurned & Burned, including new maps, playlists, weapons, and events. There are even two new game modes.

The first game mode is Capture the Gold. This has mobile Call of Duty players taking gold from the enemy team’s base and bringing it back to their own base. Meanwhile, they have to protect their team’s gold haul. It’s like Capture the Flag but with some twists, including power ups.

1v1 Duel is the second new game mode, playing on the wild west theme quite well. The first to get seven kills wins the round. Players need to win three rounds to come out on top. This is coming out later in Season 4, possibly when Capture the Gold ends.

A new map, Dome, has also landed in Call of Duty Mobile. It’s a small map located in the middle of the desert. With abandoned offices and a radar tower, this is a dynamic map all about outflanking opponents.

If that’s not enough, Call of Duty Mobile is also getting weapon balances, changes to all gun types, upgraded weapon assets, and — of course — a new Operator. It’s easy to see why Dr Disrespect was blown away with the amount of content.

The Doc even said he was jealous. He told his fans that he wished the PC version of Call of Duty would also get consistent, dynamic updates. A lot of people have been agreeing with Dr Disrespect lately that Warzone on PC and consoles is a bit lackluster. The updates have not excited the majority of players.

Said the Two-Time on CoD Mobile: “You don’t want to oversaturate it with all this shit, but in terms of actual content, map design, mobility, and looting system – I enjoyed all of it.”

Dr Disrespect changes mind about mobile esports

In the past, Dr Disrespect has been a bit harsh about competitive mobile gaming. The gaming community reacted negatively to a tweet on the matter, telling the streamer that he was alienating a lot of the gaming world, including specific countries and demographics that prefer mobile games. Some even noted that not everyone can afford a quality PC setup.

Some competitive mobile esports players also responded to Dr Disrespect, with CoD Mobile player Luke "iFerg" Fergie even challenging him to a 1v1. The Doc never directly responded.

But in a later stream, Dr Disrespect said: “"I'm getting a lot of heat these days on Twitter. I just explained what my setup was in comparison to a mobile gaming setup. I shouldn't even say anything anymore."

Despite the rant about being silenced, the Doc was back to speaking his mind on mobile games soon after. He joked that Among Us looked worse than a mobile game soon after the drama first began.

Mobile gaming has continued to grow in the esports industry, especially PUBG. Call of Duty Mobile is another major title making waves in the gaming world. So maybe some fans are right: The Doc is too much of a “geezer” to comprehend or excel at this new wave of competitive gaming.

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