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FirstBlood Launches Its Empowerment Ecosystem

Today, one of the largest and most respected competitive gaming platforms, FirstBlood, launches its empowerment ecosystem for gamers. The platform has spent years empowering players and teams to make money and have fun playing the games they love. Now, they’re ready to take things to the next level with the FirstBlood empowerment ecosystem.

One of the biggest missing pieces in the competitive gaming community is reliable events and tournaments. FirstBlood's solution for this is regular tournaments through partners like Slayout, as well as seasonal circuits and daily events for players of all skill levels. The culmination of this vision is the FirstBlood Academy League that integrates their platform events as well as their partners’ to be a proving ground for rookies, amateurs, semi-pros and more across a variety of popular games.

To commemorate the empowerment ecosystem’s debut, FirstBlood will be partnering with three of the most recognizable faces in competitive gaming. Alongside Slayout, they’re joining forces with top Call of Duty Warzone players HusKerrs and Aydan, in addition to Rainbow Six Siege influencer King George. These three creators strive to elevate the scenes they compete in and are set to become an invaluable extension of FirstBlood.

FirstBlood has been a leading force in the competitive gaming industry ever since its launch in 2018. The platform has already amassed over 150,000 monthly active gamers and has given away more than $400,000 in rewards. They have also partnered with scalability platform Polygon, digital broadcast service provider DirectTV, and premier global esports organization Team Secret, to conduct competitive tournaments for gamers across the globe. Now, with their empowerment ecosystem, FirstBlood aims to build a sustainable platform for individuals looking to establish a career in the gaming industry.

Emily Peel, Director of Business Development at FirstBlood says, “We are extremely excited to announce these partnerships and our vision for esports. There are a lot of talented players out there with limited resources and no clear path to succeed in gaming. We at FirstBlood want to provide those with the passion and commitment for a competitive career the opportunities to achieve it.”

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