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How Will This Year's NBA2K League Work?

Combining the mechanical skills of video games with the hyper competitiveness of basketball, it’s no wonder that the NBA 2K League has found major success and returned for 2021.

NBA2K 2021: Structure, schedule, prize pool(s)

Not only has the NBA 2K League returned, but it’s just as intense and high-stakes as ever. There will be a Tipoff Tournament on May 19 with a crazy $160,000 prize pool. The talented esports players will be fighting for their share of the prize pool before the main event begins. The main event will have a $1.5 million prize pool on the line.

The NBA2K League season is 16 weeks long. Throughout the 16 weeks, the participating teams will compete against each other in 28 regular season games. Matchups will consist of two back-to-back games. The results of each game will go towards each team’s season record.

This upcoming season of the NBA 2K League will be split into two conferences due to the ongoing global issues with COVID-19. This will allow teams to compete with other teams within their region while playing from their own homes and facilities. The smaller chance of lag and connection issues will uphold the competitive integrity of the game.

On July 14, the teams will compete in a tournament called The Turn after taking a week off from competing. August 19 is the Ticket Tournament. The Playoffs will be the following week, starting August 26. This event will reward $260,000 to the top team, with $630,000 will be distributed to the other top teams. Finally, the best teams in the league will compete in the Finals on September 4.

Where can you watch NBA 2K 2021?

All of the action will be available on NBA 2K’s official Twitch and YouTube channel.

Who is competing in the NBA 2K League?

There are 23 total teams competing in the NBA 2K League this year. Some teams are part of larger esports organizations (like Gen.G) while many are squads owned by NBA teams. Here are the teams to follow:

  • 76ers GC

  • Blazer5 Gaming

  • Bucks Gaming

  • Cavs Legion GC

  • Celtics Crossover Gaming

  • Gen.G Tigers

  • Grizz Gaming

  • Hawks Talon GC

  • Heat Check Gaming

  • Hornets Venom GT

  • Jazz Gaming

  • Kings Guard Gaming

  • Knicks Gaming

  • Lakers Gaming

  • Magic Gaming

  • Mavs Gaming

  • NetsGC

  • Pacers Gaming

  • Pistons GT

  • Raptors Uprising GC

  • T-Wolves Gaming

  • Warrior’s Gaming Squad

  • Wizards District Gaming

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