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Rules and FAQ for Warzone Tournaments

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Is there a minimum required Batlle Royale games on account ?

All accounts should have a minimum of 500 Warzone Battle Royale matches.

Do i need to submit screenshots for scoring?

FirstBlood calculates scores based on the Warzone API, so as long as your username information is accurate, there’s no need to submit screenshots!

Can teams be on different platforms?

Because Warzone supports cross-play, so does Slayout! We want you to be able to play with your friends regardless of which platform they play on.

How does the scoring work? Is it just kills?

Scoring is calculated automatically per player via the Warzone API, so there's no need for you to upload images for score validation! Scores are calculated based on a combination of placement and kills, and the specifics of how your event is scored can be found under the Scoring tab on the event page. Please note that you must FINISH your match before the end time to get counted.

How is cheating regulated?

All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance. Using any cheat will result in disqualification and ban. We reserve the right to DQ, ban, or remove any teams if there is speculation of cheating.

Any of the following is strictly forbidden:

Using cheat software and/or hardware.

Using in-game exploits.

Reverse Boosting.

Using 3rd party tools that give you an advantage. (Companion App or similar programs)

Smurfing to play in a division under your skill level.

Maintaining your KD to play in a division below your skill level.

If we see abnormalities in your K/D ratio that gives you advantages to enter any battle with a K/D CAP, you will be disqualified.

We reserve the right to monitor your K/D ratio as much as 2 months prior to the tournament.

If you think another team member is cheating, you can report them by writing to email. Hosting on any low population server will result in a ban from Slayout. If you want to check the server allowance message us at The lobby host must be located in one of the following countries: NA - United States (with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii and Caribbean), Canada, and Mexico. SA - Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama. United Kingdom and EU - Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, France, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Austria), Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Russian hosts are not allowed. VPN can only be used for players from restricted countries to host on high population servers (UK, Australia, Central US). No other usage of VPN is allowed!

Decisions made by the Tournament Organizer are final.

Do I need to stream?

Players from the Pro division MUST stream. Lobby host need to display geo-location in-game settings on stream or VOD.

In the rare event that potential cheating or exploits are suspected. We recommend players to have past streams or replay files to back up your score even though we have already automatically pulled the stats from the server. This will make our admin’s life easier while quickly determining who the winners are. Streaming broadcast (or VOD) must be available for at least 4 days to review (Archive mode "ON" on Twitch). PC players should provide all 3 hours of gameplay, lobby host needs to show in-game geo location.

Face cams are not required.

We reserve the right to DQ, ban, or remove any teams if there is speculation of cheating.

Plus, we also have a community highlight video which we upload and stream on our official channel. If you have good clips, you will likely get featured!

How do divisions work?

Slayout is broken down into multiple divisions based on your teams combined K/D from battle royale mode (plunder not included). We want everyone to have the best competitive experience and reserve the right to disqualify any team that we find in violation of our established K/D guidelines.

I purchased the ticket, now what?

You should have received an email containing the code to register your team for the event. Head over to the battle page on FirstBlood and get yourself signed up for the event!

What platforms are supported?

We support PC, PlayStation and Xbox (Crossplay Enabled).

How is leaderboard determined?

Teams will play as many games as possible over a 3-hour period and score points based on kills and placements in each game. The team's Top 3 games will be added together to form their overall tournament score.

How does K/D limit work?

K/D Limits are combined per team (Player 1+ Player 2 +Player 3).


Rookie - 2 or less

Intermediate - 3.5 or less

Advanced - 5 or less

Pro - 5 or more

If you have falsely reported your team's overall KD, you will be automatically disqualified from the division that you are in. Players must have a minimum of 500 Warzone Battle Royale matches to qualify.

How does scoring work?

1 kill equals 1 point. Placement is following:

Top 1 = 25 points

Top 2 = 20 points

Top 3 = 15 points

Top 4 = 10 points

Top 7 = 7 points

Top 10 = 4 points

Top 15 = 2 points

Top 20 = 1 point

How does prizepool work?

Total prizepool is vary from event to event and is usually divided into 3 divisions

How does payout work?

Winners will be reached out within 24 hours of winning and payout shall be processed immediately after confirming desired payout methods and non-contested scores. Prizes will be paid out within 48 hours of the results being finalized, verified and announced. Payout will be sent via either Venmo or Paypal.

Can my team register separately?

We do not have a separate registration for Slayout. Purchase one ticket for your team and you can use this to register your team on FirstBlood.

I didn't receive my ticket code/s

After you purchase your tickets, you should receive the code within 5-10 minutes. If for some reason you don’t receive your codes, don’t worry! Just email us at and our team will make sure that you and your team get registered for the event!