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Slayout NBA2K FAQ

What is the format?

This NBA2k event is a bracketed tournament with no cap on teams. Matches will be played in rounds matched up by Slayout Admins until there is one team remaining. Each round is BEST OF THREE, with the exception of the Finals, which will be BEST OF FIVE.

Do I need to join your Discord?

Yes! All management of individual matches will be handled on the Slayout Discord server.

Can I play on multiple teams?

No, players are not allowed to play on multiple teams in an individual event.

How many players can we register with?

During registration teams are allowed 6 roster spots including the Captain/Team Owner. If you need more spots, please contact

A teammate changed their username

If a user changed their username between registration and the event please contact IMMEDIATELY

Who hosts the match?

Slayout will be operating on a Home & Away rotating format. The higher seed will host first. Every series, but the finals, will be a three game series. The finals will be a five game series. The lower seed will host the second game. The final game host will be determined by overall point differential in the series. If you play the games you accept the result.

My team lagged out, what now?

Use common sense! If a lag out occurs in the 1st quarter of a game and it’s not a 10+ point game, the game should be restarted and the game will not count. Ex: You are up 7-2 in the first quarter and someone lags out. That will not count. Ultimate decision on if a game counts is the admins.

How do we submit scores?

After every game, the winning team will submit the box score with the game results. Only one screenshot is needed from the winner which must include the stats for both teams. You must submit the wins AND losses! We will only accept high quality images from PSN/Xbox. We will not accept blurry images or pics of your tv screen displaying the stats. Our stats team needs to easily see the stats on the box score. Box score must be submitted by posting them in the Game Screenshot channel in the Slayout Discord Server. All games posted must be labeled.

Format for labeling game screenshots in Discord must be “Team A vs Team B”. Team A is the top team in the screenshot and Team B is the bottom team in the screenshot. Labeling games properly will ensure no errors are made.

Can I just post scores on Twitter?

Posting results on Twitter is strongly encouraged for your own social media marketing benefit. However, it is insufficient for reporting tournament results. You must use the Discord.

The other captain has not scheduled a match.

If during the tournament you have exhausted all efforts to schedule the game and your opponent has not set a time, contact before the end of the round (but not more than 8 hours before the end of the round).

How do prizes work?

Tournaments will be $60 per team. Final four losers will get their entry back. Runner up will get 25% of the remaining pot, winner will receive 75%. The Prize Pool will be 70/30 split. The 30% will be to pay for the staff, graphics, and other operating costs.

Where are the full rules?

The full ruleset can be found HERE

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