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Slayout NBA2K Ruleset

Need To know

  • All tournaments will be best of 3 up until the finals. Finals will be best of 5.

  • Each player may only play on one team at a time. You may not play on multiple teams with multiple accounts. A player may, however, register multiple GT/PSN for a single team.

  • The Slayout admin’s ruling is final. By signing up for this tournament, you accept any and all decisions the Slayout admin makes regardless of what this rule page states.

  • Teams will match up using Private Matchmaking. Ranked games will not be considered league games.

  • Only Private Matchmaking games found in the Slayout server or otherwise agreed to will count as tournament games.

  • Slayout will be operating on a Home & Away rotating format. The higher seed will host first. Every series, but the finals, will be a three game series. The finals will be a five game series. The lower seed will host the second game. The final game host will be determined by overall point differential in the series. If you play the games you accept the result.

  • Seeding will be decided on when you sign up. First team to sign up will get the first seed, so on and so forth.

  • If a player lags out before tip off it is an automatic restart. Quit the game and contact the opposing team to match up again.

  • The following rules apply ONLY to lag outs or other unforced 2K related errors. If you choose to quit out of a game in a tournament or playoff situation it may be a forfeit.

  • If a player lags out while winning and the entire rest of his team immediately quits, that will be a replay in the regular season. If any player on your team keeps playing after a teammate lags out before quitting it will be a loss. “Immediate” is defined as under 30 seconds.

  • If a team is consistently having players lag out against them (indicating a time out glitch is being used), appropriate action will be taken, including possible expulsion from the league with no refund. This will ultimately be the commissioner's decision.

  • Teams may mutually agree to take a spread.

  • It is recommended common sense is used. If a lag out occurs in the 1st quarter of a game and it’s not a 10+ point game, the game should be restarted and the game will not count. Ex: You are up 7-2 in the first quarter and someone lags out. That will not count. Ultimate decision on if a game counts is the commissioners.

  • Slayout values teams that work things out on their own and decide things on the court. Teams should not consistently try to get free wins or try to exploit the rules to get a restart. Remember, these players and teams develop a poor reputation in the competitive community over time. If you are really comp, you don’t do these things. The Slayout commissioner reserves any and all rights to make a unilateral decision on if a regular season game result counts after being presented with the evidence.

  • If a lag out occurs you may be required to restart the game and play the time remaining with the same score differential at the time of the lag out.

  • Example: Team A is up 78-70 with the ball on Team B with four minutes remaining. Team B lags out. Team A and B must play the first four minutes of a new game, with Team A winning the tip and giving a +8 advantage. (Round to nearest minute).

  • Do not count points to the spread that occurs after the first player has quit/lagged out.

  • The team with a lag out must immediately quit as described above for this rule to apply.

  • This rule applies to the time out glitch and all lag outs. If a team is suspected to be repeatedly abusing this rule, Slayout reserves the right to not grant that team spreads and disqualify them. Final decision is the commissioners. Teams are strongly encouraged to work it out themselves.

  • All games must be streamed on the registered Twitch account(s). All games must be archived in case admins have to review video.

  • Every team must have a representative for their team in the league’s Captain Chat. The Captain Chat will be on Discord

  • The burden of proof for rules violations lies with the captains (video, audio, time stamped screen shots). Slayout is not required to track down proof itself and will not take a captain’s word for it.

  • 1st violation of above rules will result in a warning or forfeit. The 2nd violation will result in removal from the league NO REFUND will be given.

Box Scores and Stats

  • After every game, the winning team will submit the box score with the game results. Only one screenshot is needed from the winner which must include the stats for both teams. You must submit the wins AND losses!

  • We will only accept high quality images from PSN/Xbox. We will not accept blurry images or pics of your tv screen displaying the stats. Our stats team needs to easily see the stats on the box score.

  • Box score must be submitted by posting them in the Game Screenshot channel in the Slayout Discord Server. All games posted must be labeled.

  • Format for labeling game screenshots in Discord must be “Team A vs Team B”. Team A is the top team in the screenshot and Team B is the bottom team in the screenshot. Labeling games properly will ensure no errors are made.

  • If a Win/Loss has been awarded to the wrong team then the team captain will contact an admin member with screenshot proof showing the game results. The admin member will make changes accordingly.

  • Posting results on Twitter is strongly encouraged for your own social media marketing benefit. However, it is insufficient for reporting tournament results. You must use the Discord.

  • If during the tournament you have exhausted all efforts to schedule the game and your opponent has not set a time, post proof on Discord before the end of the round (but not more than 8 hours before the end of the round).


  • During registration teams are allowed 6 roster spots including the Captain/Team Owner. If you need more spots, please contact Slayout

  • Every registered player will be required to provide a position but can use any MyPlayer or Position they want.

  • Teams can only play tournament games with players that are on their roster.

  • If a team member changes their name then a Player Name Change form must be filled out and paid for. If the player’s name is not updated and is found playing on a team it will result in a forfeit for playing with players not on the roster.

  • A player can only play on ONE team. Playing on multiple teams at once will result in all parties being removed from the league with no refund.

  • 1st time playing with a player not on your team roster will result in a forfeit or warning.

  • 2nd time playing with a player not on your team roster will result in being removed from the event with no refund.

  • Once a team is signed up for a tournament, no refund will be granted.

Tournament Payout Structure

  • Tournaments will be $60 per team. Final four losers will get their entry back. Runner up will get 25% of the remaining pot, winner will receive 75%.

  • The Prize Pool will be 70/30 split. The 30% will be to pay for the staff, graphics, mixtapes, and overall website functionality.

These rules are subject to change.

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