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The Battlefield 2042 Hype Train Is Here

Battlefield 2042 hype is back thanks to a trailer released on June 9.

The opening scene shows a distant planet, setting the scene for a futuristic battle scenario for the first time in a while. An advanced dog-like robot races through the battlefield, promising advanced technology. Interesting vehicles make their way through an icy environment, blasting at each other throughout. There’s a helicopter fight in a neon-heavy city.

It’s safe to say that fans of first person shooters are now anxiously anticipating Battlefield 2042’s arrival.

Battlefield and Call of Duty have been rivals for a while, featuring realistic shooting action and intense war-like scenarios. But Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV thinks the release of Battlefield 2042 will finally be enough to take over the scene, leaving Call of Duty in the dust.

Dr Disrespect took time in his stream to watch the trailer, calling it “fantastic” and “action-packed.”

The Two-Time said: “Kind of reminds me of the old days to a certain degree. Remember when Call of Duty was putting out these big trailers and then it was back and forth between Battlefield? I feel like we lost some of that competition the past couple of years, I don’t know why… But I’m liking this.”

Dr Disrespect has been down on Call of Duty: Warzone for quite some time. While he continues to play the game on YouTube, the Doc has had harsh criticism for the game. He’s called it lackluster and even admitted jealousy to the fun content in the mobile version. He has also complained about the weapon balancing issues and ongoing hacker dilema.

With Battlefield 2042 on the horizon, Dr Disrespect and others are hoping that Call of Duty will feel the pressure and finally release some fresh, fun content (instead of reworked maps). For now, it’s unclear if Warzone players will make the switch.

But Battlefield 2042 is releasing a gameplay trailer on Sunday, June 13. This will give fans a better indication if the game is as hype as the trailer makes it seem. Dr Disrespect himself said that “we gotta watch” the gameplay reveal.

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