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Warzone Patch 1.35: Akimbo Pistol Nerfs

Call of Duty: Warzone developers have delivered on a few promises with the 1.35 update released April 19.

Call of Duty streamer Jack Dunlop had a lot to say about the Akimbo Sykov Pistols being overpowered before 1.35 dropped. Developers responded, promising change. And now the update has solidified the changes they promised, nerfing the weapon. The update also saw the removal of the RC-XD from Buy Stations. Some bug fixes were also added to the game.

Warzone’s 1.35 update is considered a full patch update, meaning the file size wasn’t as small as hot fixes. For PlayStation, it’s 2.3 GB. Xbox is 5 GB. And PC is around 6GB. That’s nothing compared to the Season 3 update, of course, which was:

Playstation 5 and Playstation 4: 25.6 GB

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One: 25.9 GB

PC: 25.2 GB

Raven Software shared the entire 1.35 update patch notes back on April 19. The general changes included:

  • Removing the RC-XD from Buy Stations. It’s now only available in Containment Monitors.

  • Fixing an issue that didn’t allow players to equip Armor Plates after activating certain Killstreaks or Field Upgrades.

  • Not allowing Containment Protocol missiles to land in the Play Area. Their sound effects volume was also reduced.

  • Fixing a big that caused Loadout Drops to block movement and projectiles after the crate collapsed.

There were also a lot of changes to attachments. This included fixing a variety of bugs:

  • A bug with the Modern Warfare Sniper Scope and Variable Zoom Scope where they were not displaying glint.

  • A bug with the Modern Warfare weapon perks where they were not having their intended effects.

  • A bug with the Bullseye Reticle where it would sometimes cause frame rate issues or the disappearance of UI elements.

The attachment changes also included the nerfs for the Akimbo Sykov Pistols:

  • Sorokin 140mm Auto — hip spread increased

  • Akimbo — movement speed reduced by 5%

  • 80 Round Drums — movement speed reduced by 5% and ADS movement speed reduced by 7%

  • When equipping the Sykov with the Sorokin 140mm Auto and the Akimbo attachment, damage is reduced by 25% and capped at a minimum of 19.

Developers made some extra comments about the changes to the pistols on Twitter. It was clarified that the damage reduction of 25% is only when using both the Sorokin 140mm Auto and the Akimbo together. When players use them separately, the damage reduction doesn’t apply.

Raven Software then promised to change other weapons in Season 3. Players should notice some additional nerfs to the AUG, M16, and the FFAR 1. These are weapons that players have continuously complained about in the past. Even after recent nerfs, the weapons were still much better than other weapon options, making the meta stale. Season 3 has attempted to change this.

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