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Warzone Players Shout 'Nerf The Nail Gun!'

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 introduced a number of new weapons to the already-large arsenal in the battle royale. One weapon has already gained a lot of negative attention just a few days after the update.

The Warzone community is demanding that Raven Software nerf the Nail Gun.

When the Nail Gun was first announced, it wasn’t really on anyone’s radar. Most people were discussing the MG 82 LMG and how it needs a nerf to stay balanced. The Nail Gun seemed sort of like a meme gun and it went by unnoticed for a bit. It didn’t even have attachments or anything that made it seem suspicious or worth looking into.

But players have discovered that the Nail Gun is pretty OP.

While the Nail Gun has a slow fire rate and short range, it still can down an opponent in four shots no matter the armor. In short range engagements, the Nail Gun is extremely overpowering. It has great mobility and allows players to be aggressive and risky with flanks and duels.

This has led many players to call the Nail Gun a “troll weapon.” It seemed more fitting for a tactical shooter instead of a battle royale game that currently has a SMG meta. The solution? A nerf. One player suggested that it be a headshot-oriented weapon with “terrible accuracy” outside of five meters. Maybe it should also not deal damage to extremities. This would reward very swift and accurate shooting but make it a bit tougher to master the Nail Gun in certain scenarios.

For now, Warzone developers haven’t responded to player concerns. It seems that the MG 82 is their current focus.

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