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Women-Only Project Eris Tournament Highlights Top Talent in the R6 Esports Scene

A new Rainbow 6 Siege tournament is coming and it’s all about the top female talent in the esport.

Project Eris is a women-only tournament featuring all North American talent coming in August. Hosted by Kyndal “Astraea” Brizendine and infamous caster Jessica “Jess” Bolden, this tournament is set to be a must-watch come August 5th.

Here’s everything you need to know about Project Eris.

Project Eris: Format & Schedule

The action kicks off August 5th (a Thursday). The group stage will be a round-robin format.It will be between eight and 12 weeks depending on how many teams are participating.

This means that the league will run alongside the August Major as well as Year 6 Season 3, making it potentially the biggest R6 women’s tournament outside of Brazil.

Project Eris: Prizes

Project Eris has a prize that’s currently a little over $3,000.

The money for the tournament was a combined effort between Jess, NA Challenger League organization of SH Esports, and an unnamed investor. It’s not clear who put up what amount. However, it’s clear that it’s a prize that teams will be intensely fighting for.

That's not even it all.

There are even more prizes up for grabs, courtesy of Razer and InkFingers. First place will get keyboards, mice, mouse pads, headsets, and an InkFingers merch pack worth a total of $1,000. Second place will receive keyboard and mice. Third place will get mice.

All of these combined prizes have made this the biggest low-tier tournament in North America. It will even surpass the CCS Season 5 tournament, which had a $2,000 prize.

Project Eris: Merch

Want to support Project Eris and the talented female competitors?

Earlier in June, Project Eris merch was launched. Created by InkFingers, you can purchase a variety of stylish shirts, hoodies, hats, and beanies. If you purchase in June, these pre-orders will be 15% off.

Who is Competing in Project Eris?

The final list of competing teams has not been announced just yet. But you can expect to see some of the same teams that are currently competing in the North American CCS Women’s League tourney. The NA and EU bracket are running until the final week of July, finishing just before Project Eris begins.

Some of the teams to watch are Disrupt Gaming Female and Team QUEEN.

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